Gender symbol: Farrah Fawcett

Today’s guest blogger is an extremely compassionate woman with more smarts than I’ll ever have, a fine, devoted husband, and the sweetest boy you’ll ever met. She also shared a mother who enriched her not only with selfless values but with a fierce determination to say what needs to be said, without holding back.

That’s right: She’s my sister, Regina DeMarco Gaffney.  And she’s awesome.  See for yourself:

FFMWhile taking my lunch break, I came across several of my friends mourning the passing of Farrah Fawcett via their Facebook comments.

Although I can’t say that I mourn for her (since I didn’t personally know her), I do feel badly for anyone who suffers through a long illness.

I sat for a moment staring at her photo that a middle-aged buddy had posted, I thought about how she wasn’t just a sex symbol for boys/men.

She was also a symbol for the softer sex.

Farrah had the hair, the smile, and the body that girls wanted to have. We wanted to seductively pose for posters and catch the bad guys on TV.

However, for someone like myself who, as a pre-teen, was nerdy and overweight with no fashion sense, Farrah made me depressed because I knew that I could never achieve that standard of beauty.

Maybe that’s where my love of dumb blonde jokes began. Who knows?

Even so, I found myself defending her in my head over the years. I remember thinking how Lee Majors must have really screwed up with her. How dare he hurt her feelings?

In more recent years, I was disgusted by how the media took advantage of her situation. I was more disgusted by those who should have been her inner circle and who should have protected her from herself at that point.ginamikey

Now, she is at peace…no more pain, no more bad publicity, no more media frenzy…until the hundreds of documentaries and biographical dramas begin to be produced.


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