State chiefs recognize Bergen prosecutor’s “commitment to excellence”

johnmIf people didn’t already believe that Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli runs a tight ship, the proof is in the official approval of statewide accreditation through the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association.

Molinelli now will seek recognition at the national level through the Council on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (C.A.L.E.A.).

If granted, it would make his the first prosecutor’s office in New Jersey to receive both statewide and national accreditation.

Molinelli called the experience “rewarding and often eye- opening” for him and his staff.

“Through accreditation, the goals and objectives of the Office have been codified and the manner of achieving same, documented,” he said.  “The end result is a shared commitment to excellence by all the members of the agency who faithfully serve the law enforcement community and the citizens of Bergen County.”

Some have taken swipes at Molinelli in recent years, including a legislator or two in Trenton and even a local media outlet.

But Molinelli has often said his record defines his work — and the accreditation and recognition process is excellent proof of that. Keep reading→


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