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1stYankeegame02Today’s guest blogger is my incredible wife, Lisa. A Yankee fan since she was a zygote, she knows baseball inside and out. Makes for good fun when my Metropolitans play her Bombers:

When I got to the top of the stairs of the subway and I saw the new stadium for the first time, I welled up.

It reminded me of the first time I saw the original Yankee Stadium — and I mean the original, not the renovated one — with my dad.

It was an awesome moment for me.

I know that the ghosts are supposed to be in the old stadium. But this feels like home.

Jerry and I had been here before, when the walls had just gone up. But not even TV had prepared me for this.

On the outside it looks like the first Yankee Stadium I’d seen in old photos. On the inside, though, it’s two worlds melded together: It has the feel of the old ballpark but an ultra-modern look, with the Jumbotron and all.

I admired the banners of the greats as I walked through the Great Hall. Then I got to the field, where I could see the legends of tomorrow. Watching Jeter and A-Rod and Mariano, I felt the way my dad must have when he witnessed Joe D.

The restaurants with the special memberships were a bit much. But just as I started to feel the Yankees had gone too far, I heard Bob Sheppard’s voice introducing my all-time favorite current Yankee: Number 2 on the scorecard, Number 1 in our hearts, as the saying goes.

thurmanballMidway through the game, we hustled over to the Yankee Museum, and I was back in time again: Munson’s locker (he was my idol growing up), the autographed baseballs, Babe Ruth’s first Yankee paycheck.

Then, while watching the Yankees’ eighth-inning comeback from the lower-deck railing behind third base, I turned around and saw them — huge photos above the concession stands of Thurman pouring champagne over Mr. Steinbrenner’s head, of Thurman hanging out with Reggie….1stYankeegame03

Then I remembered there was a game going on. The Yankees were about to tie the score!

I think that’s what I love best about the new ballpark: It has everything you could want, from the great sightlines to the breezy, open-air atmosphere. It really is an attraction in itself.

But it still has the lure, and allure, of Yankee history.

My dad would have loved it.



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2 responses to “Pinstripe post

  1. Jamie


    That made me tear up with happy memories of your dad!
    Luke, Mike, and my father-in-law went to Luker’s Yankees game on 6/4… they had a blast!
    Now it’s time to convert Sammy!


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