Enough already

silhouetteHow many arrests have to be made, how many stories have to be published, before predators (OK, and alleged predators) stop trying to find sex with minors online?

This morning, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said his detectives arrested a 51-year-old Queens man for sending pornographic images to an undercover cop who claimed to be an underaged teen.

“People like this should just stop and spend their time seeking help instead of preying on our youth,” Molinelli said.

However, as long as they continue, he vowed, his investigators would scoop up as many of them as they can.

Investigators with Molinelli’s Computer Crimes Unit arrested Mark Criscuolo (aka Mark Crosthwaite) at his home in the Whitestone section of Queens on Friday. He’s charged with child endangerment by transmitting kiddie porn.

Molinelli urges anyone whose child may have communicated online with “mercedesmark2000@yahoo.com” to contact the unit.

The number: (201) 226 – 5521

Or e-mail: adonofrio@bcpo.net

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