Carradine’s death: Bound for theories


David Carradine’s sex-related death has, in a way, connected the curious with the accomplished.

Missing key facts — apart from how his body was found — many have wondered openly what happened. His family has sought help from the FBI and famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to find the answers.

With the results of Friday’s autopsy still weeks off, those with experience in autoerotic edgeplay have offered theories on what could have happened.

Wendy Sullivan, for instance, operates the Web site, aimed at helping female writers. She’s a radio host and blogger who calls herself a “one-woman content provider.”

She also was once a dominatrix, she says.

“It’s so easy to speculate,” Sullivan says, “but chances are if you call it “murder’ or “suicide”, you’ll be wrong.

Manslaughter, maybe. Fleeing the scene, definitely. Murder? Highly unlikely.”

Carradine — who reportedly had a history of engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation — was found hanged in a wardrobe closet in a Bangkok hotel room, with an additional rope tied around his genitals. His hands were behind his back.

“From my perspective, this isn’t unusual,” says Sullivan, who also is a national Republican Examiner. “The lack of control (hands behind back) heightens the sense of fear, which boosts adrenaline etc.

“That said, Thailand may be teeming with sex professionals of every age, gender, body type and persuasion, but I’m willing to bet they’re not big on Health & Safety.

The person who may have been with him probably didn’t have the Thai equivelent[sic] of a St. John’s Ambulence CPR certificate (I did) or hadn’t learned how to make good BoyScout-worthy knots (I did). So something goes wrong, and the companion flees the scene.”Even if the person panicked, she notes, running off is still “a cowardly thing to do.”

Sullivan didn’t engage in paraphilia. Even if done with care, she said, the results could be lethal.

“I chose not to play the choking games, despite basic resuscitation knowledge,” she says. “It wasn’t something I wanted to get embroiled in if something went wrong.”

The naive might believe there should be some type of escape — a signal of some sort — during breathplay. But that defeats the entire purpose of submission.

Yet isn’t it then up to the partner in control to know when to, for want of a better term, cut the cord?|

“Not if they didn’t have a clue what they were doing,” Sullivan says. “That’s the sad part.”

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