Hoboken lays off 16 cops, demotes 10 sergeants

Sixteen Hoboken police officers will officially be out of work their shifts end on June 20, according to city and union officials.

To make up for the shortfall on the street, 10 sergeants will be demoted to patrol duty.

Meanwhile, two captains will be demoted to lieutenant and five lieutenants bumped down to sergeant.

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A fiscal monitor appointed by the city recommendation axing six cops. But Civil Service said bumping procedures required pushing that number to 16.

FBI records show that violent crime has dropped in Hoboken over the years — which raises the question:

If effective policing were responsible for the decrease, what effect would slashing the ranks have?

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One response to “Hoboken lays off 16 cops, demotes 10 sergeants

  1. Good question-

    wondering how much of a variable the increasing real estate prices in Hoboken is in this issue.

    I’m guessing that as it becomes too expensive for street gangs in Hoboken, higher rolling business and political crime will become an even bigger worry.

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