Fugitive mom no match for Bergen sheriff’s officer

femcuffsFor two years, a 26-year-old mom accused of killing her 3-month-old gave authorities the slip. But a detective from Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire’s office wasn’t about to let her get away.

Bit by bit, Mike Thibault collected information on 26-year-old Laura Devita’s boyfriend. Based on that information, a regional task force of the U.S. Marshal’s Service snatched her up last night.

“We have thousands of warrants and we keep drilling through them in spite of the strains of budgets and manpower,” McGuire said tonight.

As a result, such arrests are made.

Devita was last seen before a scheduled July 2007 arraignment on aggravated manslaughter charges in connection with her child’s death in Elmwood Park.

A warrant was issued for her arrest, but authorities were having no luck. Then Thibault got an idea and worked it — and it paid off, McGuire said.

Detectives began sitting on several Paterson addresses yesterday. Eventually, a black sedan pulled up to one of the spots — with Devita in the back seat, the sheriff said.

McGuire can be excused for feeling flush with pride.

“You can run,” he said, “but eventually the diligence of the officers at BCSO will be hot on your trail — until you end up behind bars.”


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