Englewood nurses lockout: Media Wars

nurse1Before bellying up to the bargaining table with the nurses’ union this morning, officials at Englewood HMC made an interesting choice: They brought the media into the hospital to interview patients and staff.

During nearly three decades as a newspaperman, a third of that time as an editor, I rarely experienced such accommodation from most hospitals. Formal requests were required. HIPAA regulations were cited. Guards stopped you at the door.

Now, I have nothing against Englewood Hospital. Several of my family members were born there. My mom received very good treatment there before she died of cancer seven years ago.

Many of the nurses have remained outside while the 650-member Health Professionals and Allied Employees union hit a roadblock with hospital negotiators over salary, staffing and other issues.

“It is just so frustrating,” a veteran nurse at Englewood confided. “It the nurses who give the hospital its awards. And yet ‘they’ think a nurse is just a nurse.”

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