MVN candidates announced

MikeySluggerThe DeMarco Family Baseball League announced its lineups for the upcoming All-Star event, and the unanimous choice for Most Valuable Nephew is Michael DeMarco Gaffney.

Finishing a distant second was Samuel Gerard Rose Manny Moe & Jack Ashkenas DeMarco. But he had an excuse: He can’t lift a bat, much less swing one. He did finish first in the MVLi’B balloting, however.

Mike had another productive outing this weekend, going 2-for-4.  A perfectionist at heart, he was a bit miffed that he didn’t drive in any runs — mindful that chicks, as they say, dig the long ball.

But he kept the line moving and, when it was done, gave his folks some love — signs of a solid, dependable, talented player who has a bright future.

“This kid could be anything he wants to be,” said a source who asked to remain identified because she’s my wife. “He’s really bright, and he’s got such a good nature. It’s a joy just having him around…. Did you see my keys?”

Invitations will be soon be distributed for the summer event, created to honor the family’s MVC, who recently was graduated from high school and plans to build her own portable jet pack that she’ll use to descend to the Carnegie Hall stage.

“THAT’S how you get here,” she plans to tell the audience, before playing a recital of Rachmaninoff, Bach and Little Richard.

Stay tuned….


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