How Can a Poor Man Stand Such High Ticket Prices and See Bruce Springsteen?

bruceness3Brokers apparently were conducting business as usual when they sold tickets for a trio of Bruce Springsteen shows this fall.

What they didn’t know was that some of the buyers were working for New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice.

Today, state Attorney General Anne Milgram announced that her office has sued three outfits that have already sold what amount to promises for the tickets — which haven’t even been put on sale yet.

“It is fraud to offer to sell a product that one does not possess, and may never possess,” Milgram said.

Springsteen’s three Giants Stadium shows — the last to be held there before the venue is torn down following the pro football season — go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday.

By promising customers tickets they didn’t even have yet, North Jersey-based, along with Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide and Connecticut-based Ticket Network Inc., violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act, Milgram said.

The three companies offered more than 1,000 tickets — with a face value of $33 to $98 — for as much as $1,300.

Some of the seats promised don’t even exist, she added. Keep reading….

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