Little cranial density, lots of energy at Meadowlands “Bamboozle” fest

Media types are quick to shout when arrests or other negative incidents disrupt concerts or festivals, but this weekend’s “The Bamboozle” at the Meadowlands was a model of behavior, control and fun. No Doubt & Gwen Stefani

Amid all the excitement of the three-day event, some concert-goers in the amped-up crowd that filled the Giants Stadium parking lot did get a little wild. But the only headline worth writing was about was the transcendent reunion of No Doubt, led by sex bomb ragdoll Gwen Stefani (right), which spiced its own catalog with the 80’s New Wave covers “It’s My Life” (Talk Talk) and “Stand and Deliver” (Adam & the Ants).

“Concert events like this have the potential to attract underage drinkers and rowdy behavior,” said State Police Sgt. Steve Jones, “but troopers working with security personnel had prepared well and staffed at appropriate levels.

“There’s always going to be a few people suffering from cranial density who believe they can act up without regard for others safety,” Jones said. “For them, we keep plenty of handcuffs available.”


Rolling Stone today published a fabulous photo show, easily the best of what can be found online. Just click here: ROLLING STONE: Bamboozle 2009 photos.


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