False alarm for Twitter mom?


A woman who’s been tweeting about the birth of her latest child apparently was sent back home from the hospital after doctors failed to induce labor.

“Probably staying mum until my water breaks and there’s no turning back,” Melissa Skabich, 32, wrote this evening. “Too many false alarms.”

So the blessed moment didn’t come this weekend. Whenever it does happen, Skabich plans to Twitter about it on Twitter.

Skabich, 32, has a bit of a leg up on other women in her… um…. position: She’s a PR agent. She says she’s tweeting about childbirth “to keep family, co workers, fellow bloggers and anyone else who cares up to speed on Evan’s arrival.”

For instance, we already know that she’s gained roughly 5 1/2 pounds in six days and had high blood pressure. She may have to be induced — her blood pressure’s been pretty high.


Personally, I think it’s kinda cool…. How ’bout you?

(Full North Jersey Crime Examiner version: Pregnant mom plans to tweet childbirth on Twitter)

Please comment here… or there…. I’d really love to know what people think of this.


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