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5-year-old forced into oral sex, authorities say

A 45-year-old married man was jailed after a 5-year-old girl told investigators she gave him oral sex after seeing him watch a porn film, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said today.

Molinelli said the girl told police yesterday that the incident happened in May 2008 at a Bogota home.

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How Can a Poor Man Stand Such High Ticket Prices and See Bruce Springsteen?

bruceness3Brokers apparently were conducting business as usual when they sold tickets for a trio of Bruce Springsteen shows this fall.

What they didn’t know was that some of the buyers were working for New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice.

Today, state Attorney General Anne Milgram announced that her office has sued three outfits that have already sold what amount to promises for the tickets — which haven’t even been put on sale yet.

“It is fraud to offer to sell a product that one does not possess, and may never possess,” Milgram said.

Springsteen’s three Giants Stadium shows — the last to be held there before the venue is torn down following the pro football season — go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday.

By promising customers tickets they didn’t even have yet, North Jersey-based, along with Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide and Connecticut-based Ticket Network Inc., violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act, Milgram said.

The three companies offered more than 1,000 tickets — with a face value of $33 to $98 — for as much as $1,300.

Some of the seats promised don’t even exist, she added. Keep reading….

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Goodbye, sailors!


The USS Iwo Jima took its leave from Pier 88 this afternoon, heading south along the Hudson, as Fleet Week festivities concluded.

The Jersey riverwalk was empty, save for a few landscapers riding mowers that drowned the roar of the massive assault vessel’s engines as it backed its way into the river, surrounded by Coast Guard and harbor patrol boats, shortly after 1 o’clock.

By 1:30, the massive ship had reached Battery Park, headed for sea. Flying from its mast was the flag presented by President George W. Bush — only the second ever given to a Navy ship by a U.S. commander-in-chief.

Launched in February 2000, the Iwo Jima made it maiden voyage from Mississippi to Florida on June 23, 2001, carrying more than 2,000 World War II veterans. Many were survivors of the battle that gave the ship its name and motto: “uncommon valor.”

The ship also was part of “Operation Enduring Freedom” when it was deployed to the Mediterranean in April 2003. A few months later, it had made its way to Liberia to help stabilize the war-torn region.

And in August 2005 it was part of the rescue mission following Hurricane Katrina, sailing up the Mississippi to New Orleans. The Iwo Jima served as the landing and launching pad for more than 1,000 helicopter machines there, while providing hot meals, showers, drinking water and berthing to service officers.

Yet that’s not what makes the ship special around here:

The Iwo Jima was the first ship on the waterfront open to the public after 9/11. It also docked here for Fleet Week in 2002 and 2004.

Perhaps we’ll soon see it again.



(All photos by Jerry DeMarco. For use, please contact me at GerardJDeMarco@gmail or at 201.943.2794.)

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2 WNY preschoolers increase Hudson swine flu total

prettyfacesTwo West New York preschoolers have swine flu, state health officials confirmed today, as the number of victims statewide increased by 31 since last week.

The youngsters have been out of Pretty Faces Day Care Center since May 18, according to city officials, who say neither has a sibling in a district school.

The center — at 62nd Street off Polk Street — will remain closed until Monday while it’s sanitized, they said.

Five other youngsters in Union Ciy have been reported to have swine flu, as well. Overall, 56 cases have been reported in New Jersey in 11 of its 21 counties, health officials report. A concentration has been in Hudson, Bergen and a few other northern counties. But cases have been reported in Mercer and Monmouth, as well.

(Googlemaps photo)

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Picture-taker falls from Palisades after hopping fence


Authorities say a man who fell 35 feet from the top of the Palisades in North Bergen is in critical condition at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Courageous rescue workers needed an hour to find the victim, who’d become tanged in a tree, and strap him to a back board before lifting him to safety — no simple task.

The North Bergen man apparently was with two friends when he hopped a 3-foot-high iron fence to get a better view, then lost his balance.

People from the area know that tight bend on Blvd East at 74th Street. A couple of years back, speed bumps were put in. It’s barely 150 feet south of “suicide bridge,” directly across from the entrance to Palisades General Hospital below.

The stone fence that hugs the curb is difficult to clear because of the jagged rocks on top. But the iron fence is low enough for someone to swing one leg over, then another. A rock juts out in a clearing a few feet away. It can barely fit two people, much less one.

Below the trees that remain are the beginnings of what developers say will be a mall that will include a Walgreens and a Starbucks.

Once North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue workers got him out, shortly after 1 a.m.,  helicopter at Palisades General took him to Hackensack.

They reportedly needed a thermal-imaging camera first to find him, then deployed a string of firefighters who used ropes to pull him back up the cliff.

(Both photos by Jerry DeMarco. Property of Borough 6.)


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Yankee doodle dandies

A mainstay of Southern gentlemen was raiment today for Hudson County restaurant owner: Eugene Flynn, of Amanda’s and the Elysian Cafe.

A dedicated follower of fashion, Eugene waited for today to break out his seersucker suit, along with the ol’ straw porkpie, Old Glory bowtie and tandem bicycle, to celebrate the holiday.

Flynn and similarly clad sidekick Ames Crawford pedaled the streets of Hoboken — and even climbed the Stephens Tech hill — “to commemorate the bravery,” Crawford said, of service men and women past and present.

In their white bucks and blue pinstriped suits, the pair glided like gentry, in the rough-and-tumble waterfront city that gentrification rebuilt.

Originally from India, seersucker was first imported to the States by Brooks Brothers nearly 180 years ago. Its name derives from a Persian phrase “milk and sugar,” which, in essence, describes the mix of crimp and smoothness.

Fashionistas dictate that it be worn in the Northeast only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Southerners, however, can break theirs out on Easter.

After my wife and I left the Elysian this afternoon — on separate bikes — Flynn caught up to us on the Hudson riverfront path. He had a chance to check on his beloved Yankees, who were cruising against the Rangers in Texas.

Following an afternoon of pedaling, my old St. Peter’s College frat brother had another hill to climb: Pershing Road, towards home. Only this time, he was riding his bicycle built for two solo.

“I’ll go slow,” Eugene said.

With a tip o’ the cap, he was off.

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Memorial Day

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