Buzzed and stung by Airheads

After the fact we can exhale. But what about the panic captured on video from the ground yesterday? They tell you when they’re going to close a street for a parade, but the government obviously decided against publicizing that a low-flying plane accompanied by a fighter jet would be buzzing the Statue of Liberty.airheadone

I’m sorry, but that’s plain insensitive — and stupid.

What if yesterday’s panic turned far worse? What if someone was trampled?

“We tend to get jumpy when large planes fly really low in places they are not supposed to be around here,” one Jersey City resident said.

“I could have reached up and shook the pilot’s hand,” another added.

We get plenty of low-flying craft along the waterfront, but not something as huge as Air Force Whatever Number It Was.

How many genuine 911 calls didn’t get through because switching stations were jammed?

Was it really a photo op? A movie being made?

After the fact, we can exhale. But sheesh….

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