Police tweet: Cops on Twitter

Imagine you’re driving down Main Street and get a message from local police that they’re looking for a neighborhood burglar who took off a black coupe with tinted windows. Imagine you see that same car stopped at a light.With a simple 911 call, you might help police catch a criminal.

New Jersey’s State Police have evolved into a cutting-edge operation, so it’s no surprise that they have joined several counterparts worldwide — and in North Jersey — on Twitter.

But Twitter has also caught on with several forward-thinking agencies in local towns. The list of tweeting police departments everywhere is growing, with Hasbrouck Heights and Fairfield among North Jersey’s pioneers. Even the Oradell Fire Department is tweeting.

It’s quicker — and, in some cases, more reliable — than Reverse 911.

“FBIPressOffice” on Twitter continues to grow, particularly among law enforcement agencies. During President Obama’s inauguration, the bureau kept its Twitter followers updated on checkpoints and closed subway stations.

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A message to those police departments in North Jersey who are using Twitter, or are about to use it:

Tweet or follow me @JerryCRIMEX.


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