Milgram: No new troopers unless D.C. foots the bill

njsppatchDespite scores of retirements, New Jersey’s attorney general says the state police won’t hire new troopers unless Washington foots the bill.

This would save $3.5 million in state funds just for training alone, A.G. Anne Milgram told the Assembly Budget Committee today in Trenton.

Instead of finding a way to police the state ourselves, Milgram is looking for a $45.8 million grant under the federal COPS Hiring Recovery Program.

This would allow New Jersey to hire 150 new troopers and pay their salaries for three years.

After that, it’s either reapply for more money from a program that may no longer be in existence — or have the kind of money New Jersey needs — stick state taxpayers with the bill, or deplete a force that boasts specialists in all fields, particularly when it comes to large-scale disasters, crimes or attacks.

Nearly 1,000 troopers hired in the 1980s reportedly are becoming eligible for retirement.

So what does the state do if Milgram can’t secure the grant money?

Ideas, anyone?

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