Blue-eyed bandit caught with $10K

She wore large sunglasses and a red hootide that she ditched along the highway.

Amanda Galdo

As she tooled down a North Jersey road, the blue-eyed bandit seemed free and clear — until a New Jersey State Police sergeant spotted her car.

Inside he found more than $10,000.

Amanda M. Galdo, 23, of Wayne is charged with robbing the Lakeland Bank on Route 206 in Sussex County’s Frankford Township on Tuesday, said state police Sgt. Stephen Jones.

Galdo handed a teller a note, then dashed out with the cash and took off in a 1995 Dodge Spirit, Jones said.

State Police Sgt. Jeff Sims spotted the car moments later, a few miles from the bank, in Lafayette Township. Soon after, police snatched up the hoodie on southbound Route 206.

Jones credited Sims with the heads-up.

“It was reported just minutes after 10,” he said, “and by 10:30 she was in the station.”


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