Court date for pair in Turnpike chase, shooting at cop


Two Newark men were brought into court today while detectives continued to hunt down three others involved in a car chase and shooting over the weekend.

Prosecutors have charged Panama White (pictured) and Lamar Jenkins with attempted murder of a police officer for a shot fired at a Fort Lee cop during the chase.

White and Jenkins were in a car with three other men that police chased up the Turnpike to Fort Lee after a shooting in Newark.

Several Fort Lee police cars were waiting at the George Washington Bridge when the driver saw them, whipped his Grand Am around and sped east in the westbound lanes, said Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli.

The Pontiac continued heading the wrong way on Routes 80/95 toward the bridge when a front-seat passenger pointed a gun out the window and fired at the cop. The officer, who wasn’t hit, shot back, hitting the back of the car, he said.

The driver kept going, pulling off the highway onto the northbound lanes of Routes 1&9 going south, the prosecutor said. He stopped on a Fort Lee side street and everyone bolted. White and Jenkins were grabbed almost immediately.

Inside the car police found a .357-caliber revolver, Molinelli said.

Charges against White and Jenkins also include aggravated assault, criminal weapons possession and resisting arrest. They’re being held on $500,000 bail each.


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