Kid pays price for disrupting Coulter’s book-signing

A New Jersey college student pleaded guilty today to creating a nuisance at an Ann Coulter event.

Michael Tracey, a junior at the College of New Jersey, agreed to pay a $350 fine and $33 in court fees.

But get this: He also agreed to 20 hours of community service.

Any guess what that possibly could be?Mike Tracey

Tracey accused police of  “blatantly excessive force” for tackling him after he was told twice not to approach the conservative political commentator during a Feb. 18 book signing held after she spoke on campus.

Tracey told police he wanted Coulter’s autograph on a piece of paper he was holding, but they told him it was strictly a book signing. He tried to go around security, but they took him back to the seating area.

Things got hot when Tracey walked back toward the stage and a cop grabbed his coat. Tracey then turned and ran, and the officer tackled him, police reports say.

Police said they struggled as the officer tried to handcuff the screaming Tracey.

Tracey posted his version of the events on the DailyKos the next day, saying he had calmly walked up to Coulter’s table and was pushed around by police.

An amateur video posted on shows Tracey on the ground, screaming, while a uniformed officer holds his shin over Tracey’s cheek.

Tracey’s cause led someone to create a Facebook group, Stand With Mike. Supporters also tagged campus buildings with chalk.

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